About us

The MANFREDI company brand has had a significant influence on the history of Italian and European dental technology.

It all began in 1934, when Tino Manfredi built the first arc welder for brazing stainless steel, the only alternative to gold at that time. Soon the factory began producing pre-heating furnaces and, one by one, all the equipment needed for the dental laboratory. The S.A.E.D. company was born, which was in constant development until the Second World War.

1946 to 1956:

In the years following the war there was a long period of reconstruction, during which the Italian dental sector grew considerably, also thanks to the introduction of removable partial dentures. During these years, S.A.E.D. concentrated its resources on research and development, especially in solving the problems associated with cobalt chrome fusion.

1957 to 1977:

S.A.E.D. presents the first induction casting machine: the Senior Multihertz. This first model was followed by many others, which soon became milestones over the next 60 years: Junior, Stellor, Duocast, Century, Ally, Aurum, Neutrodyn, Neutor, up to today’s Millennium and Smallcast – and the upcoming new standalone machine.

1978 to 1997

S.A.E.D. changes its name and becomes MANFREDI Brothers. The 80’s consolidate the name of the company all over the world, while, thanks to continuous research, the company develops a simple and effective system to make a titanium prosthesis EASYTI SYSTEM, a technology patented in 1992 that has revolutionized laboratory practice for many years to come.

1997 to 2014:

Since 1997 MANFREDI is ISO9001 certified. Over the years, MANFREDI has become a leading player in other sectors, such as industrial micro-melting and the goldsmith sector.

In 2014 MANFREDI joined forces with REDDISH STONE, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of abrasives, polishes, polishers and silicone cutting discs, based on their own proprietary formulas. Reddish Stone’s experience certainly amplifies Manfredi’s company background – the company was founded in 1965: by bringing together over a century of experience, the company becomes an ideal one-stop supplier, able to meet the needs of hi-tech laboratories.

Relentless research and the adoption of new technologies provide a rich catalogue of machinery: from foundry machines and welding lasers to the latest 5-axis CAD/CAM systems.

Manfredi +Reddish Stone products represent quality and reliability all over the world.