Acrydig 6-12

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✓ Completely built in stainless steel
Intuitive programming
Water presence sensor
Easy water drainage

ACRYDIG polymerisers are made entirely of stainless steel to ensure a long service life. The special closing lid prevents vapour dispersion and condensate dripping, thus ensuring a polymerisation cycle in a steam-saturated atmosphere. The large opening and the adequate dimensions of the polymerisation tank allow a rational arrangement of the muffles. The control electronics allow single or two-stage polymerisation cycles, the management of a pre-start time, automatic shutdown at the end of the cycle and constant display of the progress of the process.

These parameters allow controlled polymerisation with natural cooling, which avoids the micro-fractures of the resin caused by excessive cooling. The Acrydig is also equipped with a side tap for rapid emptying of the polymerisation chamber. The safety of the heating cycle is ensured by a sensor that constantly monitors the presence of water inside the chamber; in case of insufficient water level, the system automatically stops heating.

The Acrydig family consists of two models with different capacities: 6 or 12 bracketed muffles.

Versions – Coridone

ACRYDIG 12 v2.0 230V.M.50/60HZ cod. AD134
ACRYDIG 12 v2.0 110V.M.50/60HZ cod. AD131
ACRYDIG 6 v2.0 230V.M.50/60HZ cod. AD074
ACRYDIG 6 v2.0 110V.M.50/60HZ cod. AD071