Aggressive finishing cylinder


C12C6B – Ø 6x23mm
Maximum speed 15.000 rpm
The NEO family includes abrasives bonded with special synthetic rubber which gives them very high performance characteristics. Their special formulation makes them compatible with many applications in the dental sector, they are particularly suitable for chromium/cobalt alloys and vile alloys for ceramics and in the goldsmith sector they are particularly suitable for noble metals such as gold and silver.
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C12C6B – Ø 6x23mm

The products in the NEO family are offered in different shapes to meet the requirements of all applications: unmounted wheels in five sizes, unmounted lenticular wheel, unmounted cylinder and in four different shapes mounted on standard cylindrical shank type 2 (ISO 1797) Ø 2.35 mm.

Maximum speed 15,000 rpm

Box of 50 pieces