Galileo 4.0

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Quiet operation
Ergonomic working position
70 real joules of firing energy
50 customisable programmes
✓ PULSE SHAPING function
Argon gas delivery
Cold light LED lighting
✓ Energy saving SLEEP MODE
✓ Self-diagnosis of circuits and safety devices

70 effective JOULE of energy concentrated in the smallest of spaces, enabling any metal structure (including titanium) to be welded with maximum precision. Integrated cooling circuit. Plug & play” installation: quick and easy. Immediately ready to use. Compact size: suitable for mounting on any laboratory bench.

Great robustness and reliability, minimal maintenance. Working chamber redesigned to meet the needs of the dental technician. 10X binocular microscope with optical protection against UV and laser radiation. Sophisticated laser beam management software with PULSE SHAPING function allows the operator to construct the desired waveform to further improve the final result. The delivery of argon gas through an adjustable nozzle improves the quality of welding on all types of alloy and is absolutely essential when using Titanium.