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Kepler is not just a laser, but a fully configurable welding platform.
The user can choose power, accessories and finishes. Its features of power, connectivity, optics/vision system and cooling circuit make it unique.


✓ Easy to use

✓ Customisable waveform

Smart graphic interface

Zoom vision

Remote self-diagnosis

MMC (Multiple machine control): Possibility of controlling the machine using different devices (joystick, mouse, touch-screen).

DCS (Digital Connection System): Connection to the network via Ethernet and WiFi for data exchange or remote diagnostics.

DMS (Digital Magnification System): Digital magnification of the working area, to adapt the vision to the size of the parts to be welded.

ASB (Automatic Stand-By): Digital automatic stand-by system to save energy and increase the life of the equipment.

LAD (Local Automatic Diagnosys): Detection and signalling of anomalies on the display.

RAD (Remote Automatic Diagnosys): Remote analysis by ReddishStone of any malfunctions or maintenance requirements.

All-metal construction for strength, durability and compliance with safety regulations.