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✓ Independent plate heating muffle
Stainless steel outer casing
✓ Door with parallelogram opening
✓ 2 independent abrasive modules

Designed with the criteria acquired in over 70 years of experience, Manfredi pre-heated roller furnaces feature the most up-to-date and reliable programming systems, while remaining extremely easy to use.

The chamber consists of 4 independent plates for greater resistance to thermal shock. Their surface profile increases the radiating surface for greater thermal efficiency, guarantees uniform temperature distribution and effective evacuation of waxes still in the liquid phase, preventing them from remaining inside the cylinder.

The exterior of the chamber, made entirely of stainless steel, is corrosion-free and therefore practically indestructible.

The door, fitted with a highly insulating refractory material, prevents heat loss to the outside.

In addition, the effective parallelogram opening system protects the operator from accidental contact with hot surfaces and guarantees easy opening over time thanks to the self-lubricating materials with which it is constructed.

The B SERIES is available in two different chamber sizes.

The microprocessor instrumentation offers great flexibility in programming the heating process thanks to the programmable program with:

– Programmable ignition with delay time

– Final holding temperature

– Control of the heating temperature gradient

– Visualisation of programme progress on LCD display and LED indicators


Oven L7B v2.0 230V M 50/60Hz cod. F29B4

Oven L7B v2.0 110V M 50/60Hz cod. F29B4

Oven L9B v2.0 230V M 50/60Hz cod. F30B4