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✓ Full stainless steel boiler
Highly insulated thermal protection
✓ Reaching working pressure in only 10 minutes
✓ Nozzle delivery
✓ Safety cap

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Steam generator specially developed for the dental laboratory with a large boiler made entirely of stainless steel. The high insulation and immersion resistance allows high performance with low energy consumption. Nepheles is equipped with a water level control that signals the minimum water level so that the operator can promptly top up. If the water runs out, the heating is automatically stopped and a refill light indicates the need for refilling. A special valve cap prevents the boiler from being opened under pressure and protects the appliance from the danger of overpressure.


NEPHELES 230V.M.50HZ cod. X51A4
NEPHELES 230V.M.60HZ cod. X51A401
NEPHELES 110V.M.60HZ cod. X51A1