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✓ Large blasting chamber
Effective lighting
Practical connection to the suction system
✓ 4 independent abrasive modules
✓ 4 easily selectable handpieces without removing your hand from the chamber
✓ Perfect visibility through tempered glass
✓ Magnetic lid lock
✓ Air syringe

This professional 4-module microsandblaster can simultaneously handle abrasives of different grain sizes (from 50 to 250µ). Each module is equipped with an ergonomic handle for a safe and comfortable grip, and a handy internal selector allows you to select the correct abrasive for each job without having to take your hand out of the sandblasting chamber.

The shape and effective lighting of the blasting chamber together with the perfect transparency of the tempered glass allow you to work with a comfortable posture and a complete view of the workpiece. A protective film guarantees the durability of the glass and facilitates cleaning operations. The whole Oxyker series is equipped with a magnetically closing door combined with an easy connection to the vacuum cleaner to prevent dust and abrasive from escaping. Moreover, the pedal control allows a quick stop of the sandblasting process, thus reducing the waste of abrasive material to a minimum. The inside of the sandblasting chamber is equipped with a practical air syringe for a comfortable cleaning of the workpiece and of the chamber itself. Quartetto also guarantees low sand consumption thanks to the pneumatic system that instantly interrupts the supply of sand.


Cod. B16C4 Oxyker QUARTETTO V230 M50/60HZ
Cod. B16C1 Oxyker QUARTETTO V.110 M.60HZ