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✓ Choice between automatic and manual cycle

✓ Programmable automatic cycle from 2 to 30 minutes

✓ Programmable reversal of basket rotation direction

✓ Removable basket with magnetic clutch

✓ Large capacity basket for up to 12 frames

✓ Fully programmable sand recycling, with digital control

✓ Scratch-proof and sand-proof control keyboard

✓ High-strength tempered glass with magnetic closure

✓ Display showing remaining working time

✓ LED lighting

✓ High-efficiency suction system with three extraction points

✓ Delayed suction interruption

✓ Active safety: immediate blocking of sand jet and basket rotation when opening the door

✓ Large capacity for up to 8 kg of abrasives

Combined automatic sandblasting system. SABLOMATIC combines automatic suction with the possibility of manual operation, and the combined finishing of several abrasives simultaneously.

Accessories: external suction unit and automatic basket.

Accessori: unità aspirazione esterna e cestello automatico.